Northern Arizona Breastfeeding Coalition

2019 Big Latch On Event at Wheeler Park, hosted by La Leche League of Flagstaff, Flagstaff Birth, Breastfeeding and Women’s Center in partnership with Northern Arizona Breastfeeding Coalition

Mission: To remove the barriers to human milk feeding for families in the Northern Arizona region through professional collaboration, community education and outreach, and governmental and economic advocacy.

Vision: The Northern Arizona Breastfeeding Coalition envisions a community where human milk feeding is the norm and families can create and meet human milk feeding goals that best serve their needs, ultimately improving the health of the community. We will promote best practice infant feeding by inspiring fellow professionals and community members through opportunities fro professional development, creating meaningful professional relationships and advocating both at the community and governmental level. This will be done in a manner that promotes inclusivity and tolerance in both the field of Lactation Support and in the community as a whole.

The Coalition strives to better the human milk feeding community by holding informational events and meetings for anyone who is interested. Northern Arizona Breastfeeding Coalition is a new chapter to the Arizona Coalition. You can now become a member of the Northern Arizona Coalition. Email us at

We hold meetings every 4th Tuesday from 9:30am to 11:00am at the NAH Education building: 1000 N. Humphreys Suite 241 and 242 Flagstaff, Az 86001

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