Nursing Nook

This group is comprised of mother and their babies who are currently human milk feeding. This group is open to the public, held every Tuesday from 12:30pm to 2:00pm on the second floor upstairs in the back Loft at the Flagstaff Birth, Breast/Chest feeding, and Women’s Center. It is currently lead by our certified lactation consultant, Maya, with help from interns, guest speakers, and of course other wonderful moms. If you are interested or have more questions about our Nursing Nook feel free to give us a call: (928) 556-0000.

Our Nursing Nook topics vary each week. This is an interactive group with topics ranging from nutrition, baby lead weening to breast/chest feeding in baby carriers and infant massage. It is a safe place for moms and parents to share their stories of what works best for them, while also supporting and understanding there is a wide range of human milk feeding experiences. Maya provides evidence-based information and supportive answers to all your breast/chest feeding questions and challenges while parents provide real-world tips and tricks to each other.

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