We offer the Medela Symphony hospital grade breast/chest pumps for weekly, monthly or customizable rental periods. The pump kit is sold separately and will include all the parts to get your started with 24mm and 27mm flanges.

Why you might need a hospital grade pump? You are…

  • Pumping to establish human milk production when baby is not breastfeeding
  • Exclusive pumping
  • Separated from your baby
  • Increasing human milk production

Please contact us to inquire about renting a pump or a pumping consult.

Rental Type Cost
Pump Kit Purchase$50.00
Weekly Rental$20.00
Monthly Rental $65.00
Quarterly Rental $180.00
Security Deposit $50.00

“High Country Lactation Care made all the difference in my human milk feeding journey. I received expert advice and compassionate care. I needed to use a hospital-grade breast pump for the first month of my little one’s life. To have access to rental along with personalized help outside of the hospital was the difference. That helped me avoid feeling too overwhelmed and avoid switching to formula, which was not my goal.” – Becky