• Prenatal breast/chestfeeding classes (medala symphony)
  • Prenatal screenings and consults for expecting parents who intend to breast/chestfeed
  • Postpartum lactation consults to assist families having difficulty with breast/chestfeeding
  • Weekly breast/chestfeeding support groups
  • Infant feeding and lactation management classes for breast pumping parents
  • Breast-pump rentals
  • Retail sales of breast pump and breast/chestfeeding supplies
  • Serving as a collection site for Mother’s Milk bank of Denver, Colorado
  • take all major insurances but not medicaid does not pay for lactation services but we do have a very generous sliding scale fee for medicaid patients. please contact the front dest for more info about this pricing.

Contact us at:

Phone: (928) 556-0000


Address: 401 West Aspen Ave Flagstaff, Arizona 86001

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