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I have loved coming to the nursing nook with my little man! Being a first time stay at home mom I’ve found that constant support is a must, which is why I have made coming here such a staple in my week. I’m constantly learning new things and connecting with other moms. It is so nice to know there are people going through exactly what I am!

Liz and Sawyer
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Nursing Nook has been the best experience for Beau and I . Taking time to speak with other moms about our breastfeeding experiences and adventures. We always have a wide variety of topics to connect about. Maya’s expertise has helped us with questions about breastfeeding we did not know. We love coming every week!

Michele and Beau

We have been regularly attending the Nursing Nook with Maya for over a year now. Not only have I learned a lot, but most importantly it’s a fantastic way to get to know other like-minded moms and get advice from them. It’s about the little things!

Natalie and Tayo


On exclusive pumping.

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Thea and Leon:

On her postpartum anxiety.

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