I have loved coming to the nursing nook with my little man! Being a first time stay at home mom I’ve found that constant support is a must, which is why I have made coming here such a staple in my week. I’m constantly learning new things and connecting with other moms. It is so nice to know there are people going through exactly what I am! – Liz

“It hasn’t even been two weeks since our baby boy was born and already I have felt so much support and comfort from the Lactation Consultant, Maya. After the first day of not being able to get a good latch established I already had an online meeting set up with Maya. She was amazing and patient during the call – helping give us tips, explain positions, and evaluate our latch, all from the comfort of our couch. She also gave us techniques to get him sucking better once he was latched on and permission/recommendation to hand express colostrum to make sure he was getting enough in the first days. A couple days later when my milk came in, my nipples were extremely sore, I was highly emotional, and honestly freaking out about motherhood and everything. I contacted Maya and she set up a same day in-person appointment! It was just what I needed for my sanity and was reassured that I was doing it right and on the right path. I probably would have given up on breast feeding that day if it hadn’t been for the prompt support I was shown. The support and connections built have been a life saver for me during my early times in postpartum, especially. I recommend her to all my mama friends.” -Anna L.

Nursing Nook has been the best experience for Beau and I . Taking time to speak with other moms about our breastfeeding experiences and adventures. We always have a wide variety of topics to connect about. Maya’s expertise has helped us with questions about breastfeeding we did not know. We love coming every week! – Michele

We have been regularly attending the Nursing Nook with Maya for over a year now. Not only have I learned a lot, but most importantly it’s a fantastic way to get to know other like-minded moms and get advice from them. It’s about the little things! – Natalie

Today is Maitri’s birthday. As I take a moment to reflect and process this wonderful experience, I want to say thank you for being next to us in this year. You helped us more than anyone can expect. You were there for us in a very hard moments and we appreciate everything you did for us, especially for me. Thank you for being grounded in love and professionalism. We love you and we are very grateful to have you in our life.”

– Nour I.