We provide one on one consults with parents and their newborn. The consults are held upstairs in a private room with our International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).

Please call to schedule an appointment with our IBCLC if you have any questions about:

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  • Prenatal breastfeeding/chestfeeding
  • Prenatal screenings for expecting aren’t who intend to breastfeed
  • Prenatal breast anatomy questions
  • Postpartum latching difficulties
  • Postpartum milk production
  • Weekly breastfeeding/chestfeeding support
  • Infant evaluation of tongue tie/lip tie or sucking concerns
  • Returning to work
  • Breast-pump rentals or questions
  • Flange fittings
  • Donor milk use or donations and screenings.


We take most major insurance. Depending on your plan, you may have a copay or deductible. It is your responsibility to obtain a referral from your PCP and your baby’s PCP prior to the visit if your plan requires referrals for specialists.

Flagstaff Community Foundation

All Medicaid (AHCCCS) recipients or low-income families in Flagstaff pay nothing for their visits at this time thanks to a grant from the Arizona Community Foundation of Flagstaff (while funding lasts)!

We were awarded a grant from the Arizona Community Foundation of Flagstaff to offset the cost of these visits for all Flagstaff residents (while funding lasts).

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