Donor Page

HCLC is grateful for all of the donations and grants we receive. If you are interesting in donating to our nonprofit organization please click here!

AZ Gives Day

HCLC is participating in AZ Gives Day 2021. Help us reach our goal of $1,200. This year we are raising money for our donor milk fund, providing pasteurized milk to the newborn babies we serve that need supplementation. With your donation you can make a difference at our lactation center. Donations will be accepted starting March 16 and ending on April 6, 2021. Visit our profile page on AZ Gives Day for more information.

We would also like to thank all of last year’s AZ Gives Day donors for their support.

AZ Community Foundation of Flagstaff

HCLC is grateful for our grant funding through Arizona Community Foundation of Flagstaff. $2,500 has been awarded to HCLC to cover Flagstaff resident’s consultant visits for those that are not covered by insurance. This grant provides access to healthcare to families needing chest or breastfeeding help.