Need Milk?

Pasteurized Donor Milk from Mother’s Milk Bank of Colorado

We have a limited amount of pasteurized human milk available for purchase for short-term supplementation needs. The cost is $22.50/4oz bottle. Please call, (928) 556-0000, or contact us to schedule a time.

This is the safest type of donor milk. This milk has been tested and pasteurized. It always comes from donors who have been vigorously screened and tested. Because of this, it is quite pricey.  

Community Donor Milk

This is milk that is acquired locally from a local donor. When acquiring milk from a local donor it is up to you to screen your potential donor for health concerns, dietary intake, medication and drug use, lifestyle, etc. Milk acquired this way inherently carries with it some risk. Please visit Eats on Feets Four Pillars of Safe Breastmilk Sharing for more information about how to share human milk as safely as possible.

Here are some more links to places where you can find non-pasteurized donor milk in the community. All of the following human milk sharing resources are available via Facebook. Searching for donor milk in the community requires some hustle and vigilance so set your notifications for these pages!

We recognize and appreciate that human milk sharing is an age-old and widely used practice. We are delighted to support you in your search for a human milk donor and share with you our knowledge about doing it as safely as possible, but we cannot directly connect donors to recipients.