Nursing Nook

This is a group for human milk feeding babies and their parents. The group is open to the public for free every Tuesday at 12:30pm. It is currently lead by our IBCLC, Maya, with help from interns, guest speakers, and of course other wonderful moms.

This is an interactive group with topics ranging from nutrition, baby lead weaning, nutrition and baby weights, to breastfeeding/chestfeeding in a baby carrier. This is a safe place for everyone to share their stories. Our group is also a good place to check your baby’s weight and perform weighted feeds. We often enjoy treats, perform activities, and even have a little fun. Hope to see you there.

Please visit our Facebook page or Instagram for updates and links to the virtual Nursing Nook!

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Mary and Corbin:

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“We’ve had countless questions answered and loved talking with women going through the same things we were. The Tuesday and Wednesday groups were not only a huge part of our breastfeeding success but also my mental health! Thank you for offering this free group!”

Becky and Phinn:

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“High Country Lactation at FBWC made all the difference in my human milk feeding journey. I received expert advice and compassionate care. I needed to use a hospital-grade breast pump for the first month of my little one’s life. To have access to rental along with personalized help outside of the hospital was the difference. That helped me avoid feeling too overwhelmed and avoid switching to formula, which was not my goal. I also attended Nursing Nook for the first year of motherhood and felt empowered and refreshed in my spirit each time I made the meeting!”